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We bring accommodation, therapeutic services and education for the differently-abled community together in one location.

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Independent Living Skills & Development

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Our Purpose

Everyone has the right to soar

Many individuals who are autism specific and have severe behavioural difficulties on the autism spectrum find themselves unable to thrive in their daily life. Traditional or even specialised schools prove to be too challenging due to behavioural issues or difficulty interpreting the needs of others. Family life can be difficult due to lack of communication and misunderstanding of each other’s needs.

At Phoenix Hub, our mission is to provide avenues and roadmaps for these individuals to soar against the ashes of their disability.

Our ‘one stop’ hub provides education, care and support for our clients and their families.

Why Phoenix Hub Is Different

We support learning and development for individuals with autism-specific and severe behavioural difficulties.

One Stop Shop

Stop travelling between specialists and service providers. We offer a collective of experts in one place.

Umbrella Approach

We assess each person as an individual and look to support all their developmental difficulties.

Choose Live-in or Outpatient Services

Children and teens up to 18 years old are able to take advantage of our different therapy options.

Social and Emotional Support

We are a specialist learning centre that helps our clients to gain an understanding of their world so they can enjoy their life.

Making Daily Life Easier

Phoenix Hub aims to bring normalcy to the everyday for individuals and their families.

Family-Centred Approach

Our team recognises the importance of working in partnership with family members.

We are renovating lives

Phoenix Hub services focus on social and emotional well-being. We help children to gain an understanding of their world so they can function comfortably within it. 

We offer school, therapy, in-home and community-based supports that focus on individual needs and encourage skills and competencies.

All interventions and therapies are based on an individualised learning support plan.

Our Mission

"Our services encourage children and families to value their own abilities, strengths and capacities, helping them to develop the necessary emotional resilience needed to manage disappointments, frustrations and daily life."

How to Get Started

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Reach out to Phoenix Hub to find out if our services are right for your family.

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We’ll get together to discuss your requirements and our methodology.

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Your plan is tailored based on your support and therapy needs.