Phoenix Independent Living Skills and Development

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Unique support. Improved wellbeing

Phoenix Hub is a ‘one-stop-shop’ that is focused on helping our clients to increase their social skills, deepen their understanding and sense of self and extend social, literacy and numeracy skills. 

It’s our goal to increase a sense of connection with others and the world at large so a healthy relationship with loved ones can be maintained.

Special ED Teachers

Our educators are highly trained and have in-depth understanding of differently abled individuals who are struggling with behavioural difficulties. 

Attend our educational facility as part of our live-in or ‘day student’ program.


Attend a workshop as an individual or family member to boost social skills, independence and understanding of the needs of others.

Parent Teacher Education

A diagnosis of autism-specific or behavioural difficulties, or the addition of a child to your classroom who has these challenges requires a big adjustment.

Learn with Phoenix Hub how to soar from the ashes of disability and thrive alongside your family member/student.

Our Locations

We offer live-in and ‘day student’ services.

“ Our services encourage children and families to value their own abilities, strengths and capacities, helping them to develop the necessary emotional resilience needed to manage disappointments, frustrations and daily life. ”
– Phoenix Hub

How to Get Started

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Reach out to Phoenix Hub to find out if our services are right for your family.

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We’ll get together to discuss your requirements and our methodology.

Create a Plan to Move Forward

Your plan is tailored based on your support and therapy needs.