Phoenix Accommodation

A home outside of home

Independence, Autonomy, Growth and Learning

Phoenix Hub provides a holistic approach to living a collaborative life without the fear of rejection, ostracisation or eviction. 

Each resident or visitor is welcomed, made to feel at home and taught key living skills that are difficult to learn in traditional educational or care home environments.

We teach our residents life skills that increase their independence and allow them to function more comfortably in the community.


Boarders are given the tools, skills and necessary resources to push themselves and develop daily.

Short, Medium & Long Term Accommodation

Phoenix Hub provides understanding and inclusive accommodation for individuals with autism-specific and severe behavioural difficulties. 

The 24/7 support each person receives is shaped according to their NDIS goals, personality and needs so they can become a better, happier version of themselves. 

Our Locations

Phoenix Hub has facilities Australia wide.

Residents are safe, supported and amongst people who genuinely care as they are encouraged to live the life they dream of 
– Phoenix Hub

How to Get Started

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Your plan is tailored based on your support and therapy needs.