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Phoenix Hub

Our Clients

Phoenix Hub offers behavioural and autism-specific support services for children up to the age of 18.

Our students and clients find themselves struggling because they do not always adapt well to traditional educational facilities or standard behavioural therapy. They require additional attention, supervision and support in order to thrive.

Our highly skilled team specialises in improving wellbeing and quality of life for our differently-abled clients

Our Purpose

We provide a ‘one stop’ location, offering therapy, support services, tailored learning and accommodation.

With hubs around Australia, our mission is to provide avenues and roadmaps for each person to soar against the ashes of disability.

Our Philosophy

We are not born to suffer. We are born to thrive.

If you live in a dry area and your garden receives little water, you plant plants which like dry soil. But when you are given a plant that likes wet soil, you don’t kill it, you water it, and you spend time each day watering that plant. Because you know that a little bit of effort can produce spectacular blooms.

And so it should be with children like ours.

Our Values

Turning disability to ability

Care (we exceed expectations in providing care)

Safety (we have zero tolerance on verbal, physical and sexual harassment)

Fun & play (with Zoom disco parties and regular outings)

Systems (all our departments work individually and independently)

Turning complaints into complements and success stories

Eliminating loneliness by building relationships

Training and further education to enhance our collective knowledge

Transparency, credibility, honesty & integrity

Leadership Team


The founders and directors of Phoenix Hub aim to help every individual to empower and amplify their own vision.

Autism-specific Therapist Australia

Jay Ibrahim

Project Manager

Our Locations

Phoenix Hub has facilities Australia wide.